SIM card

Learn how to export SIM contacts

Export SIM Contacts

February 9, 2020 The Contacts Mentor Export Contacts

Use our expert guide to export SIM contacts to any smartphone with zero hassle. Learn how to export mobile contacts using SIM cards and the latest apps.

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SIM Contacts Recovery How to Recover SIM Contacts

How to Recover SIM Contacts

October 2, 2019 The Contacts Mentor Restore Contacts

Don’t panic if you can’t find the contact that you need to get in touch with. Read this SIM contacts recovery guide to get back your information.

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copy contacts from sim to phone

How To Copy Contacts From SIM to Phone

October 2, 2019 The Contacts Mentor Transfer Contacts

Need to move contacts from your SIM card? Our guides will teach you how to copy contacts from your phone to SIM cards and to iPhone and Android devices.

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Managing Sim contacts

Managing Your Sim Contacts

September 26, 2019 The Contacts Mentor Uncategorized

A set of eight expert yet easy-to-use tips on how to get the most out of your mobile phone sim contacts.

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